Every morning, we start our classes with a circle time and we learn a variety of songs and rhythms. 

We use a variety of materials, such as paint, play-dough, etc. so that our children can begin to learn to use their senses 

We ensure that our classes are fun so that they will develop both creatively and emotionally. 

 It is through these kinds of field studies that our children learn colors, shapes, numbers, and letters. 



  • We teach our children toilet training, sharing, and basic daily education 

  • Our children begin to identify, learn, and read the Alphabet

  • Our children are taught how to count from 1-20 and to recognize these numbers

  • They will be learning how to identify colors, animals, and different household items

  • We also instruct our children in table manners, clean-up, and daily activities

  • Our children begin to learn how to write capital and small letters and begin to read Phonics

  • Our children can read and find the numbers 1-50 and can write the numbers 1-20

  • Our children begin to identify shapes

  • They will begin to learn how to use scissors and to develop other simple motor skills

  • We will continue to focus on basic manners




  • We begin to introduce a Montessori education as well as general education

  • Our children will be proficient in capital and small letters as well as reading the alphabet and ordering the letters. Additionally, they will be able to match and find illustrations using Phonics

  • Our children will be able to read and find numbers 1-100 and also write numbers 1-50

  • They will be able to read and identify colors and words

  • They will be able to identify and speak different shapes

  • Our children will learn how to cut on the line using scissors and how to use scissors safely

PRE-K CLASS (5 Years-6 Years) PROGRAMS!
  • Our Montessori and General Education will begin to be more focused and detailed

  • They will begin to be able to read 3 letter words and other simple words

  • They will begin to be able to read simple words, color code, and also identify and read shapes

  • Our children will be able to read and write the numbers 1-100 and also identify even and odd numbers

  • Our children will learn basic addition/subtraction and will also learn the concept of bundles (i.e. counting in 10s)

  • They will begin to explore the concept of continents as well an understanding of the Universe

  • We will be using collages and paintings to continue to foster creative education



 We will pick up our children from their respective public schools, and they will enjoy nutritious home-cooked meals/snacks and have play-time on our large playground.

Our gifted teachers will help our students with school homework, korean homework, math, english, as well as a weekly arts & crafts time. 

​During vacation times we also create a well-organized curriculum for our students so that they can begin to prepare for first-grade level work. Additionally, we take our children to multiple field-trips throughout the year.

  • Learning addition and subtraction

  • Learning the concept of time and how to read time

  • Learning how to read books and how to write sentences

  • Learning how to read and write korean​