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​Since we have opened in 2003 and have operated successfully for the past 18 years, we have gained the trust of countless parents who desire to give their children proper early education. Many of our children come with a Kindergarten teacher’s recommendation.

To provide a safe preschool, all our teachers and staff have been vaccinated against COVID-19.


All of our curriculum is a combination of both Montessori and general education. Therefore, as our children enter Kindergarten, they are able to read on their own and their mathematics are normally at a 1st grade level.

Our school is licensed by the government to care for toddlers (18 mo. – 30 mo.) as well as preschoolers (2 years – 6 years). Our facilities also have 4 playgrounds separated by age group for safe outdoor activities.

For those in our Toddler Class, we have a separate indoor playroom for toddlers only. In our cozy indoor playroom as well as the private study area, we hope to foster an environment that feels like home.

As we hire teachers who are experienced in early childhood education, they are sincere in love with their teaching and care for the children they are overseeing. Additionally, we provide balanced and nutritious home cooked meals three times a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) to our children according to the strict standards of the Nutrition Department of California.

Our Kindergarten After School students will be picked up from their respective Public Schools. Upon arrival at our location, we will provide lunch first, then continue the day with Korean homework, English, and Math, and will allow our children to have outdoor playtime on our playgrounds.

Parents who come to school are astounded by the large facilities of the school, the four separate playgrounds, the bright students and the enthusiastic and friendly teachers who have been working at the school for a long time

​Smart Montessori Children's School welcomes telephone consultations, scheduled school visits, and tours for your child's Montessori education

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